Saving you from the hassle of moving with our House Extensions

Are you looking for a new home due to less space in the existing one? Getting a house extension is always a great idea, as it offers more space and also adds value to your property. You do not need to move to a new home, CIF Builders can assist when you need extended rooms or kitchen in your home.

We have performed house extensions and are better than other refurbishing companies in London. We deliver projects in time and strive to attain client satisfaction. Whether you require additional space for a study area, office or a playroom, we can take up on any project at all.

If you are not comfortable with your existing kitchen space and require a large one, refurbishment can improve your cooking and dining experience. All these house extensions will add value to your home and its aesthetics will improve. We have worked on many home improvement projects and our vast experience allows us to recommend you with the best solutions available.

Irrespective of the side of the project, our professionals will deliver your project in the promised time. We also extend our contractors and skilled workers to complete your refurbishment project. Adherence to safety laws is observed, throughout the project. From minor repairs, inspection and testing, we pay emphasis to all aspects of your home.

We add extensions to your house, so as to save you from the hassle of moving to a new place. We are fully insured and have accredited and trained professionals for all gas and electricity tasks.

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House Extension – Owning a Bigger House without Having To Move

“Home is where the heart is.” Everyone has an emotional attachment to their home. But what do you do when you run out of space? Do you move to a new house, uprooting your entire family?

Here at CIF Builders, we realize the importance of the special bond you have with your home. Our professional house extension services in London can help add new space to the same old house that you love so that you never have to move.

We have worked on projects of all sizes, satisfying homeowners and businesses all over the UK. Whether you require additional space for your kitchen or are looking to add more rooms for an increasing family, we can make it happen.

House extensions are ideal for a growing family, or for someone who simply wants to make their home spacious. We can provide a bigger playing area for your kids or more cooking space for your kitchen.

We don’t just add an extension to your property; we add value to your home.

No project is too big or too small for us. Regardless of the size of the extension, our professional experts finish your project in the promised time frame. Careful safety measures are observed along each step of the process and all advancements are made with planning and precision.

We have a wide network of certified contractors and architects, who ensure timely completion of your projects, regardless of their size. Each job is unique and important to us and is handled with the same care and attention. We guarantee to complete each job within the budget that you decide, without any extra or hidden charges. We pride ourselves on delivering premium quality services and are committed to excellence.

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